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He gave me one of Ruby's "special" treats - a carrot - and urged me to try again."Here you go, sweetheart," I said, feeling like an idiot.Ruby let the vegetable fall to the floor, then turned her back and waddled away. Ruby continued to express her disapproval of our relationship.

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"It's like I don't even count sometimes."I was being dramatic, but I didn't want to keep playing this game of emotional chicken with a canine - especially if she'd always win.

My next plan was a bit desperate: I borrowed a friend's dog in an effort to get Ruby to like me.

instead of being out here about to do that kind of stuff,” he said.

“You’ve got somebody whose still doing those things, how much is enough?

He put up with my playwright mood swings and was always the first one in the audience at my shows.

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