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You can have the rest of your day to do whatever you want. That is best advice I could ever give a girl for keeping her guy from cheating. JK: That time of the month figures into it as well. JK: You’ve got to have a positive mental attitude and a little self-confidence, you jerk. I’ve known some guys who were fat — not the most attractive guys in the world but who were just so confident that they’d get a lot of girls. When people have real confidence, they don’t have to say anything or brag or be cocky — it just emanates from them. That’s one of the most attractive traits in the world.

Ch-ch-check out the funny trailer (above) and go see We're guessing this isn't the CRAZIEST thing Johnny Knoxville has done with a sheep….

James Corden likes his games just about as much as Jimmy Fallon does.

I’m twenty-seven and I’ve had sex with nine people. CP: If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, then one is too many, if you’re not — if you just like sex — then there’s no “too many.” What are some things to keep in mind when you’re having drunk sex? You should probably keep some things in mind before you start. CP: I’m not against it being bald; I like to discover the variety, but you know what’s weird?

Once you’re having drunk sex, remember the same thing you would during not-drunk sex: don’t come inside the girl. When a girl tells you she’s on the pill that’s cool — if you are married to her, and you don’t really mind if she gets pregnant anyway. What do you think: full-bush, landing strip, or Brazilian? Sometimes a girl will have an Allen Ginsberg, like a long goatee, but a little curved. Everything’s shaved except for that little billy-goat beard. I ran into a character in Portland once who was bellybutton to butthole and hip to hip.

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