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’ I still prayed and was asking God to send someone great into my life, but I said, ‘OK, I’m going to focus solely on my career’…and as soon as I made that decision, I met someone. That’s why it’s so important you do what makes you happy and make good decisions in the meanwhile because things will fall into place. We’re both excited about our careers and want to see each other do well.

I’ve never had somebody be so supportive and willing to play an active role in helping me build my brand.

I was very conscious about what I was choosing for myself. I was creating a name and brand in a respectable way that my family, my friends, and anyone I was dating would be proud. If you’re both able to talk it out through the obstacles, awesome.

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After Hernandez graduated, she moved back for a time to Monterey, California in order to co-host a morning show.

Later on, she moved to Southern California in 2001.

“You start to psych yourself out because you feel that it’s either one or the other, ‘Do I choose a career or do I choose being a wife and mother?

’…Luckily, I made the decision not to succumb to the pressure. I never want show up to a job just to earn a paycheck. I never want to show up to a relationship where I’m just content there’s somebody warm next to me.

“We had a great bond and bottom line we trusted each other.

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