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Like all subsequent compilations, it builds gratefully upon the Standard Swahili-English and English-Swahili Dictionary in two volumes, prepared under the direction of Frederick Johnson and published by the Oxford University Press in 1939.

The pres- ent dictionary has critically reappraised the entire word-stock of the language, modernizing and aug- menting from many sources.

Maener and other officials of the Catholic University of America Press, who have given it a handsome and practi- cal outward form. Derivative verb forms (applicative, causative, etc.) are listed under the base form of the verb.

*See Marcel van Spaandonck, Practical and Systematical Swahili Bibliography, Linguistics 1850- 1963. When the base form is not in current use, the derivative forms appear as separate entries. Words of Arabic origin are likewise cross-referenced to derivative or related words. Common synonyms of rare entries are given in parentheses: ( = ...) 6.

Over the past year, the Inquirer, the Daily News and have uncovered corruption in local and state public offices, shed light on hidden and dangerous environmental risks, and deeply examined the region’s growing heroin epidemic.

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