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My mouth dropped open and I read on and on with hungry eyes.

Finally, I discovered that I was not alone in my fantasy, to my utter amazement and joy.

Three months later, I had arrived home and moved back into my old bedroom, had enrolled in full time graduate courses in the city, and gotten a part time job to help pay my way.

" and instead of looking up the word "spanking" in the dictionary (which I had done ever since I could remember) I typed in the word "spanking".

Within a matter of seconds, my screen was filled with a long list of names whose profiles contained detailed descriptions of spanking scenarios, fantasies and familiar phrases.

Since I posted this initially, I have received several letters from people concerned about Sharon's apparent failure to follow safety precautions in her meeting with her first spanker.

When reading this article, it APPEARS as if Sharon when to a hotel room in a strange city with a man she had never met before.

I just remember being fascinated, silently listening to the pounding smacks and crying, accompanied by the tone and rumble of the adult's voice who administered them.

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