Video cam extrem sex

For example, in April 2013, a 20 year old guy in Queensland was charged with stalking and other crimes for using a mobile phone to film a teenager in a public toilet.

The maximum penalty for stalking can include jail sentences of 10 years or more, depending on the state or territory you live in.

It’s NEVER ok to photograph or record someone’s private parts or private activities without their knowledge or permission.

This kind of image is called “child pornography” or “child exploitation material”, and is illegal even if the person in the image says it’s ok. If you’re under 18 and accused of taking (or having/sending) this kind of image, the law does offer you some protection—the federal police must get special permission before you can be found guilty of breaking national child pornography laws.

The local police do NOT need to get this permission before charging you under similar state and territory laws, so be sure to check out the laws that apply to you on Lawstuff.

If someone uses the internet to record or live stream a person without their permission, this could also be a crime.

For example, in August 2013, two young ADF cadets were found guilty of using the internet in a harassing and offensive way after one of them live streamed himself having sex with another teenage cadet (without her knowledge or permission) so his friends could watch through Skype.

There are some things that you are never allowed to photograph or record no matter where you are.

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