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If this would give the Sun Belt 12 members, align the divisions however you like (they will likely not use divisions IRL) and turn protected rivals on.Alternatively, you can play with protected rivals off to give the Sun Belt a ninth conference game and reduce the number of cupcake games. MC02 (or whatever the offline file is named) okay now go back to your usb rosters in horizon and double click on the new roster you made from your xbox... If the removed team was from the MAC West, move Bowling Green to even the divisions.

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Divide the MAC into "Ohio" and "not Ohio" divisions, which in effect means switching Toledo and Buffalo. Cajun, I'm trying to get the new Jersey numbers from the freshman and as soon as I do I will be adding then, I'm gonna try to gather info on FAU, FIU, and USF where I played should be easy, I'll likely work on the file on Sunday just fyi, if you need me text me University of Houston Teambuilder GT: Nap Naps0518 The UH team builder team is done.

Ratings are not exactly like the main rosters, give or take a few overall ratings.

Double click on it and go to the part where you can extract it.. This is only possible for C-USA if you use all four Team Builder teams, as they start with 14 members.

Look for the offline file we just pasted in there.. If the removal of teams replaced with Team Builder teams leaves the MAC or C-USA with exactly 10 members, use Old Dominion as a temporary 11th member.

If you move Idaho and New Mexico State to create a 14-team Mountain West, ensure protected rivals are off.

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