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With all the recent discussion about Adobe's Creative Cloud model and the polarizing opinions surrounding it, one of the topics people have been mentioning is how it will stop the pirating of Photoshop and other Adobe products in the suite.Some felt that many people were just upset with the model because it could no longer be pirated by those who did not pay.Fast-forward a couple of days, and Photoshop is encountering the same old problems it has always had, thanks to a pirated version hitting the web only one day after its broad release.

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The other big promise of CC is that it will be subject to frequent updates to address just do its (JDIs) to improve features and address nagging issues, and that kind of stuff might not make it through to pirated versions, so it’s early yet to say definitively what kind of impact going all-subscription will have on long-term piracy rates.

Adobe’s new subscription-based service was designed to reduce the piracy of their software by forcing users to verify their subscription status with an internet connection every 30 days.

They're the ones who make up the next generation of paying photoshop customers. But photoshop is slightly unique here; there's a balance somewhere which is (in the long term - not a shareholders favorite phrase) for the better of the company.

The problem is that what Adobe considers "affordable" is not the same as what others consider "affordable".

Adobe’s David Wadhwani recently talked to Frederic about these aspects of piracy prevention, and said that that’s more where their energy is focused in terms of discouraging product theft, in fact.

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