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updating firmware thomson speedtouch-87

Or use the speedtouch to lock an IP to the mac address.

Product Name: ST585Serial Number: CP0701KTVPRSoftware Release: Variant: AABoot Loader Version: 1.0.8Product Code: 36029470Board Name: BANT-W I am particularly after speed on this wretched eftel dslam and this is doing much better than 6.2T. ZZOHAA6.2H516-Jun-2007 2.9M ST780i ZZQ2AA6.2H516-Jun-2007 2.3Mmirror.ZZQ2AA6.2H523-May-2007 2.3M 516v6 v6.2.17.5ZZQ2AA6.2H523-May-2007 2.3M 546v6 v6.2.17.5 variant "AA" (Int'l)au ZZQ2AA6.2H516-Aug-2007 2.3M 516v6 v6.2. It only needsa minor patch, i'm pretty sure that Amatt plans toinclude this one in the next release on which he'sactually working. Hi everyone, If you already dislike v7. there's still v7. coming soon! In the meantime, for those who need 'DMT' to work with the latest Firm Wares: Get 'DMT v7.344' (508 Kilo-Bytes, 2007-Oct-15) from '

Please do not hammer these sites as it will not be tolerated. You are welcome to download anything pertaining to your modem. ALL ACTIVITY IS LOGGED and will be reported and dealt with. Merci de ne pas marteler ce site ; ceci ne sera pas toléré. Vous êtes la bienvenue pour télécharger l'ensemble des données concernant votre modem. It's right, the supportfor v7. doesn't exist yet in 'DMT' but i'veshown that there's no problem with future versionsin 'Orb MT', provided that Thomson won't attempt tocripple their Firm Ware any further.

on your pc to easily return if you downgrade firmware. ipod touch, iphones etc are reported to have issues...

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