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“Sometimes I feel lonely, like the only person going through this, because I don’t really personally know anyone else who’s gay in my area.” His loneliness, however, is sometimes resolved by confiding in one of his classmates at school. She listens, and there are times she would give her opinion on things, but somehow it’s not enough – I don’t think she understands everything I’m going through, and sometimes she thinks it’s only a phase brought on by puberty or something.But I’m confident she won’t tell anybody else.” To fill the gap, Chris uses the Internet to reach out to others “like him”.

To hear my mother say that, to see my family be so apprehensive towards homosexuality while they live with someone who is indeed gay, under their noses – sometimes it hurts so much I just want to scream it out, but at the same time, I don’t want to lose them, because they’re basically all I have.” Michael – The PE Teacher Michael* is what people would term the perfect jock – he is skilled in many disciplines ranging from football to martial arts, and is even a physical education teacher.

He has recently completed his studies for a Master’s degree in Education, in the hopes of furthering his career.

Both have texts depicting homosexuality as an immoral act punishable by capital punishment, and in some cases, death.

“There is still no specific punishment written,” he notes.

Even right now (during the interview) my parents think I’m in the mall with the same friend I mentioned before.” One hurdle Chris believes is difficult to deal with is that of his faith and its stance on homosexuality.

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