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He's enough of a tech insider that Laporte has him on This Week In Tech, TWIT's most popular podcast, but that's about the only time you'll find Scoble in the TWIT chat room these days.

"When I'm on the show I see lots of famous people hanging out [in the chat room] and participating," he said. Regular listeners to the TWIT podcasts will hear frequent mentions of such chat room vets as Houdini7, Scooter X, Beatmaster, and Oz Ned.

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It's an Antec AKS-150 or something like that [] I'll fiddle with servers, maybe PFSense to see how it is [] I have a MB in mind with 3 nics, 2 wired and 1 wifi [] That may make sense to Louis Maresca, a chat room regular who's worked as a lead developer and programmer at Microsoft.

Maresca was tapped to co-host a TWIT podcast called Coding 101, produced in 20.

Lillian Banchik, a Long Island surgeon known in the chat room as Dr.

Mom, frequently ends up in private chat, often to decline requests for medical advice.

That's what emilythe Strange does sometime at work.

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