Sexting app in the philippines

But what if I fall in love with him, like Joaquin Phoenix did in ? "We’re not trying to build something that could fool you," says founder Matthew Homann.

"Our intention has always been to build something that helps you tell a better story about a relationship you're not in."So here's my story, as I described it on the app (they ask you to invent how you met, so you can have a "meet cute"): I first saw Leonardo Di Caprio in .

Texas is one of the roughly twenty states that have adopted sexting-specific laws.

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A misdemeanor in Texas is punishable by a fine for the first offense, with additional fines and county jail time in store for those with multiple convictions.

The intention one has when distributing sexually-explicit content comes into play as well.

Nude photos of more than 100 students at Cañon City High School were circulating in a sexting ring led by the football team, according to While possession and distribution of child pornography is a serious felony, nearly all involved in this incident are minors themselves, leaving law enforcement officials puzzled on how to tackle the issue.

But a big intrigue of this scandal lies in its technology: How did hundreds of teenagers get involved without getting caught?

With technology evolving as fast as the teenagers' appetite to sext (a 2012 study found nearly a quarter of teens have sexted), parents and law enforcement officials are having a hard time keeping up.

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