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For a throwback to the days of black-and-white silent films, very few pay tribute to classics of that era.

(The closest — and it's a reach — is the opening scene of a film within the film showing Valentin strapped down with electrodes sending shocks to his head that vaguely recall Metropolis.

would be news (as well as a sign of the impending apocalypse).

Something simple, on a pipe organ, not a fully orchestrated blow-out-your-eardrums composition. You could believe he came from the silent era, yet when he's playing the offscreen Valentin you see the difference. Tweet By Edward Copeland If you're like me, it drives you nuts when the so-called cable news channels continue to call something "breaking news" hours or even days after the initial event occurred.

That's why I wonder if I'm wasting space by beginning my review of The Iron Lady heaping praise on Meryl Streep's performance as Margaret Thatcher.

While I don't share the actress's over-the-top objections to its use, I do have to ask what message the audience should take from its presence.

First, assuming that your average moviegoer recognizes that the music that begins playing comes from Hitchcock's classic (and that's a big if), by George's frantic fleeing, is the implication that Valentin fears that Peppy wants to shape him into his own image as Scottie Ferguson wished to turn Judy into Madeleine?

In The Artist, after being saved from a fire by the quick-thinking of his pooch Uggie (don't ask), George ends up hospitalized and Peppy takes him back to her mansion in a way, making her the Norma.

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