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Naked Slashdotters, run scared now [Continuing the sex theme] Commander Taco, the man who launched a thousand flames, asks Slashdotters the question “So for those of us who don’t go “Out” for holidays and prefer sitting on our asses…What are you gonna do?” While he was mainly thinking of television marathons (and got mostly predictable results), some responses were quite frightening.

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In fact, it ended up enhancing my spiritual experience on the Camino.

I will talk more about what the Holy Year of Mercy meant to me in a different post. I was one of those 277,913 pilgrims who walked at least 100 km to receive a Compostela certificate in 2016.

There can be multiple edges connecting people (e.g.

Mike and I work at Microsoft, Mike and I are IM buddies, Mike and I live in Washington state, etc).

Graphs consists of nodes and edges, or things and the ways that things relate to each other.

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