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People would have you think that the 'companion' is a benevolent angel but the truth is much more sinister. If you ever go on that site you should take out your harddrive and buy a new one. Oh PS: the CIA and the Pentagon has reports that terrorist (alqueida/all muslims) current use this to drop rocks and heavy items on our soldiers in the middle east! ) and nothing has made me more angry than the blatant disregard for facts that this guy is expelling out of his fingers.

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Portal 2 does nothing but lie over and over again to the player.

Teaching innocent children that there is nothing wrong with lying. without a story, there isn't point to anything media related. /rant also, in case you feel the need to delete my post, i'm screen-capping it and posting it to Why is "anal sex" the first thing that comes to mind?

People are even going against Leviticus and dooming their souls to hell by getting companion tattoos to show their dedication to this idol: If this girl ever manages to get married, do you think her husband is going to want to look at THAT every time he has to have sex with her? My sister-in-law had to cancel her credit cards and reformat her computer after her little brat went online to that Steam site to buy those games. It's like a giant sphincter that you can shoot out of a gun? These guys make fun of Christians (Why make fun of us we are loving people). /sarcasm the portals are in no way connected to anal sex. you're basing your information on one source again, aren't you?

Little children are begging their moms for Weighted Companion Cube cakes: Even though it is well known that the cake is a lie: Here is someone getting raped by a Companion Cube and a portal: People don't need to be distracting themselves with this game, they need to be reading the Holy Bible and praising Jesus. You're absolutely right I read in the bible that this "portal" weapon is used in anal sex from the jews and (in my mind) going to responsible for the 2012 doomsday! the companion cube is a cube in one of the last levels (i forget) and it is used to one, turn you against GLa DDOS (the main antagonizer) but it is also used for the completion of the level. (bible) i consider Valve to be the average, greed-riden Conglomerate just like any other company.

secondly, the portal itself is a valid scientific theory upon which the game series 'Portal' is based upon. however, i, personally, have purchased over $500 worth of games via Steam (direct-download client by Valve) and my info hasn't been stolen.

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