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It came from a three-way conversation between [co-producer] Alan Burnett, [screenwriter] Brian Azzarello, and myself.

I don't remember who initially came up with the idea, but we all kind of jumped on it all at the same time and said, o. The two characters have a pretty strong father-daughter-ish relationship bond by that point, not a romantic one. There's definitely some stuff in that first part of the movie that's going to be controversial.

She then gets on top of him, kisses him, and removes an article of clothing. In an interview with Abraham Riesman from the website, the film's executive producer Bruce Timm explained why the scene was put in the film: I'm guessing there will be a lot of conversation after the movie's release about the sex scene.

At what point in the creative process did you come up with that idea?

"It's totally out of character for both of them," one woman is quoted as saying.

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