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When my mother found out about him, he told me he was warned by the police to never talk to me again lest he get charged with harassment.

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The funny thing is that this era of my existence got buried somewhere deep inside me for a long time. I’m 23 now and I’m not as idealistic as I once was.

I chose to forget, in no small part because I’ve always blamed myself entirely for how screwed up it all was. I don’t see the men I cybered with as victims of my feminine wiles, as innocents caught up in the fantasy of the girl I’d manufactured. When I told my fiancé that I was writing this story, he asked me why, too.

He was my online boyfriend for a while, but I’m not sure why.

When we talked on the phone, he’d do the talking and I’d just giggle shyly at everything he said.

While a third party investigates allegations of harassment and related threats at the Edmonton Institution, experts say a recent survey of federal employees indicates the city's maximum security men's prison operates under a "culture of fear." In Ottawa's last survey of public service workers across Canada, 19 per cent of respondents said they had experienced harassment at work in the last two years.

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