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The highly fluid nature of SCC makes it suitable for placing in difficult conditions and in sections with congested reinforcement.

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Sika Visco Crete-1600 is a third generation superplasticiser for concrete and mortar.

It is specially designed for the production of high flow concrete with exceptional flow retention and workability properties.

However, because SCC drastically reduces placement and finishing costs and virtually eliminates any repairs and patching, SCC ultimately saves money. SCC is measured in terms of spread rather than slump, though a modified version of the slump test determines the spread: instead of determining how many inches the concrete slumps, the diameter of the concrete’s spread is measured (usually ranging from 22 to 28 inches).

What precautions should be taken when installing SCC?

Through surface absorption and sterical separation effect on the cement particles, in parallel to the hydration process, the following properties are obtained: Sika® Visco Crete®-1250 NT does not contain chloride or other steel corrosion promoting ingredients.

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