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But when it is used as a political tool to harass or blackmail people, the consequences are different and corrosive. But the NSA and GCHQ aren't the only entities spying on webcams.

Marcus Thomas, a former assistant director of the FBI's Operational Technology Division in Quantico, Virginia, tells the Washington Post that the FBI could spy on anyone's webcam without turning on the camera's indicator light.

I recently bought a Nikon D3300 digital DSLR camera.

Does anybody know if and how it can be used as a web cam? I've connected it to my computer using the USB port and cable provided.

There are plenty of vendors selling spy software, some designed for "professional" business use and marketed as a way to track employees, such as a product for employee monitoring made by Inter Guard. These days, there are hundreds of spying products to choose from, and the best of them facilitate surreptitious webcam and mobile cam spying.

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