Secret sex chatlines

And I should know - I felt as though it was built around my life as a sex chat girl! The film is about two girls who, due to circumstance and against all odds, embark on a very successful sex chat line from their own home. The similarities between the film and myself are endless: from working for a company, then starting up their own sex chat line; using sex toys for sound effects; even the callers phoning from bizarre places such as taxis, offices and toilets at work; talking about stuff the girls have never actually experienced themselves; building a rapport with some of the regular callers (something which I myself have been 'doing' for over four years); the main character training her flat mate to talk dirty (as I have been training girls for the past year now); and, most surprisingly of all sharing writing with one of Kate's callers to which I have gone one step further and have written a book with one of my ex callers, Alix James! ) That's not to mention decorating going on while doing sex chat: I was actually filmed by Channel 4 as part of a documentary, painting my kitchen wall while taking a call with one of my regulars! They complimented each other beautifully in their clash of personalities.

Just an amazingly accurate portrayal of life as a phone sex operator!

It is also alleged that between midnight and 5am he then used her landline to call the 'soft-porn television service' Babestation as she lay dead or dying on the floor.

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It's an absolute must-see comedy and will without a doubt broaden every woman's sexual horizons.

If you ever wanted to know what happens on a chat line this film, without question, reveals all.

Dack's DNA was found on the door handle of an interior door, on a spent match, on two cell phones found in the kitchen, on the inside of Mrs Bell's handbag, on one of the knobs on the gas hob, on a briefcase in Mrs Bell's bedroom, on the ligature around her neck and on the waist band of her underpants.

The court heard that Dack had no money and had been resorting to borrowing cash from loan companies and friends including £10 from Mrs Bell the week before.

A penniless thief strangled an elderly widow to death before using her phone to ring a sex chatline and setting her house on fire, a court heard.

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