Sanguine and phlegmatic dating sex dating in belle rive illinois

Although Kathy demonstrated versatility during that time, there were plenty of warning signs that popped up to reveal her desire to be perfect, but my love-blinded eyes just didn’t see them.Years later when we learned about the temperaments, I was identified as a choleric, whereas Kathy tested as a melancholy.

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There are many different methods of testing for temperaments and personalities.

One of the simplest is through the ministry of Florence Littauer and Marita Littauer (When I first dated Kathy, I was impressed with the energy and flexibility she demonstrated.

Although none of us will be perfect here on earth, we can grow in wisdom and favor with God and men.

As we do we will please our spouse or make the perfect “catch” for a future spouse.

We began to understand the different perspective we each had.

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