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Medicine is not cheap, especially for cheap and nasty $4 fish. If the sickness is white, it is ick, and you need to buy the yellow bottle.

But make sure you only bother to do this if you are certain you need this fish, and/or it will make you a profit. You can buy special plants, foods, snails, aeration pumps, filters and there are magic fish that help prevent sickness. You can have a maximum of 21 fish per tank, but the more fish, the more likely sickness will become. If the fish has fungus, or the green stuff on its body, buy the pink bottle.

The 22-year-old Lewis has now got his sights on cracking Hollywood.

Judging by the success of , which took the third biggest ever box office opening weekend for an Australian film begin Happy Feet and Australia, he has made a good start.

President, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

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