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We didn't know if it was going to work, so we figured we'd give it a shot."The result is La Montagne's most joyous, playful work to date, filled with references to his love for 1970s Laurel Canyon rock as well as all sorts of new names who probably don't have real-life counterparts ("Julia," "Supernova"'s "Zoe").The album's first previews seem to have befuddled some of La Montagne's fans on You Tube, who come off as divided over his newly upbeat sound in the comments section for the official clip of "Supernova." "Ray, what happened?Born one of five children to impoverished parents in Lewiston, Maine, La Montagne has lived everywhere from Nebraska to Portland, Ore., to Utah to New Hampshire, where he built a cabin for his family intentionally free of electricity or running water.

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And the accolades, which range from a rave review from "Rolling Stone" to praise from "The Wall Street Journal," are just starting to pour in. And hope they're beautiful."All the hubbub over "Supernova" is due in part to its producer, The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, who lends the project a hazy, psychedelic vibe that loosens up an artist best-known for folky torch songs.

"I don't pay attention to that shit," says La Montagne with a shrug. And La Montagne, 40, seems to have reluctantly embraced making himself more accessible to go along with the album's breezy sound, the latest in a series of "firsts" on this project.

"Before he even wrote a song or put it to tape, he had the [two] kids, he was married to his best friend," says Mc Donald.

"That's a really unique position to be in."Though "Supernova" is filled with references to Southern California, La Montagne wrote it mostly from his farm home in Western Massachusetts, the latest in a series of remote locations the singer has lived throughout his mostly vagabond life.

Soon enough, he had "two batches of tunes" that he began to whittle down before assembling what became "Supernova." "The songs just started coming to me, one after another, and I was just looking up at the sky and saying, 'Thank you.

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