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But I have seen & done enough in the Czech city to know certain things to avoid. Those monstrosity cathouses don’t make that much money from offering hot girls for low prices!

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I must admit, I thought he had lost it when Tom led me away from the tourist area. But I quickly discovered that inside this unremarkable building were the delights I had been searching for.

Nowhere near the famed Wenceslas or Old Town squares, I kept asking if we were on the right path. The stunning girls lined up were all eager to serve us, each one having a near-perfect body and many with faces to match.

I’m convinced that the first English that Prague taxi drivers learn is always either “Go here – nice ladies” or else “I know place. Prague can be extremely rewarding for mongerers, as I’ve come to learn in subsequent trips.

Based on my first few nights, though, I can understand how Prague got it’s bad reputation among sex tourists, and many choose to skip it altogether.

I eventually discovered that it’s quite common to find Ukrainian and Russian girls offering their tight bodies for just a few dollars in these insider brothels, Asian kittens too. whether you crave a teen Czech plaything or even group action, girls here are eager to serve you and have absolutely no limits. Very familiar story by this point – paid way too much, received way too little, and dealt with rude and pushy people the entire night. Anyway, their second night out ended more tragically as one was attacked on the street while waiting for his partner to finish his business inside.

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