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You’ll enjoy having sex in that particular way because it pushes your…

By Lorah13: Many thanks to Cara Sutra for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to review.

By Smut6: You can expect lots of people to make a scrunchy “eww” face once they discover that someone has a certain fetish - say for instance, spanking or licking feet. By Cara Sutra: It's so easy to be swept along into the great commercialisation of love and romance. By Cara Sutra: Social media can be intense at the best of times.

To cave under the weight of the ads and believe that romance is measured in expensive bouquets, hotel stays, sparkling jewellery and weekends… As this certainly isn’t the best of times, social platforms have fast become hot hubs of fear-mongering, panic and the high emotion that comes with them. By Cara Sutra: When you’ve been having sex for a while -and especially with the same sexual partner- you’ll likely find a sex position that really works for you.

Perilaku nakal dan menyimpang di kalangan remaja saat ini cenderung mencapai titik kritis.

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