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But that by no means implies you will be hanging out in the future.

Once you get a number, there needs to be a ton of rapport built over an extended period of time via texting or talking on the phone before that first hangout sesh goes down.

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Here in Colombia, these interactions go much differently.

In my experience, as well as the experience of many of my friends, women here are extremely friendly and receptive to talking to you and giving you their number from the get-go.

Once a week, I go to the state university and take part in an acro-yoga class.

At the same university, you can find students slacklining, playing soccer, putting on cultural events, working out and other things you would see at a university in the US.

Depending on where you live in the US, this can usually cost you closer to $70 to $100. Whenever I go to my usual coffee shops, restaurants or gyms, I am always welcomed with a huge smile and a fist pump or hug from those who work there.

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