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But his hypocrisy on extending tax cuts – OK for the rich but not for average working families -- reveals Norquist’s true colors. How did Norquist become the Machiavelli for the mega-rich? In 1985, Donald Regan – the former CEO of Merrill Lynch before becoming.After earning his MBA at Harvard, Norquist served as was executive director of both the National Taxpayers Union and the College Republicans, then went to work as a speechwriter at the U. Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff – plucked Norquist out of the Chamber and installed him as head of Americans for Tax Reform., Since then, Norquist’s real mission has been government that serves corporate America.Wisconsin residents recalled two state legislators and are signing petitions by the thousands to recall Governor Scott Walker.

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He’s supported government subsidies for ethanol and has lobbied on behalf of Microsoft, Seagrams and the gambling industry. Reynolds worried that taxes on tobacco products might be included as a source of funding for health care reform.

As the head of Americans for Tax Reform he shilled for the tobacco industry. Norquist was an experienced warrior against taxes and had a network of state-level contacts that could be mobilized.

Apparently, Norquist’s no-tax pledge doesn’t apply when it’s a tax on middle class families.

In 2011, the payroll tax cut put $120 billion into the hands of millions of middle and working class Americans.

Voters in every poll show that the public wants a balanced approach to the public budget deficits – cuts and revenues.

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