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--- You may not have thought about using a credit card to fund your business, but this can actually be less expensive than getting a business loan.

In addition, there are other perks that come with using a credit card, such as rewards points and 0 % APR promos.

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4) 0 % Promos on APR and Balance Transfers A lot of credit cards offer 0 % interest on purchases and balance transfers for anywhere from 6 to 21 months.

Technically, this means you could borrow for free if you rack up a balance but pay it off in full before the intro period ends.

In contrast, on a credit, you can borrow as much or as little as you need each month (within your credit limit of course), and the minimum monthly payment is tiny.

3) Rewards, Rewards, Rewards Most credit cards have rewards points and sign on bonuses that let you earn money just by using your credit card.

2) Avoid Fees When Possible Annual fees, balance transfer fees, and cash advance fees can all add up and increase the cost of borrowing on a credit card.

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