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Mombasa woman representative Mishi Mboko yesterday urged women in the country to deny their spouses conjugal rights to force them to go for voter's cards in readiness for the August 8 elections.

Speaking at the Jomo Kenyatta showground at Mkomani in Mombasa where she issued cheques to women and youth self-help groups, Ms Mboko said sex was a powerful weapon to make reluctant men rush to register as voters in the exercise that began yesterday. Deny them sex until they show you their voter's card," she said.

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All this time, “the wife” sobbed loudly, begging her “husband” not to kill her as she would never repeat the mistake again,” Kangethe recalls.

In a few minutes time, Kangethe who is currently nursing a broken rib and a grievous injury to the groin, had been frisked everything.

“I interfered and threatened to call the police after the men said they would take the man somewhere private and do to him exactly what he had been doing to a married woman.

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