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“Andy and I were so similar in the sound of our voices. Mo had a unique way of harmonizing and had a gift for instrumentation. Read a story on Stephen Gibb’s arts awakening“Stephen, no question his youth and his inclination toward heavier music, he influences me as well. By the same token, Ashley’s analysis of lyric form is equally important,” Gibb added. If the earth doesn’t move there’s something wrong with you.

Robin’s voice was higher so he gravitated to the third harmony.

Avoid telling her that she's now living there, rather divert her by talking about her new friends, activities, and food (if it's good.) If it gets to the point when you get frustrated and find it too hard to be upbeat, tell her you need to run an errand and will see her later. The fact is she'll most likely have forgotten about your visit a few minutes after you leave.

However, if the staff reports that she's agitated after your visit, you might want to give her more time to adjust.

She is the author of Alzheimer's A to Z: A Quick-Reference Guide.

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