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A common area just outside hides a built-in telephone booth, and across the way, there’s a bedroom with a tiny alcove that leads up to a windowed turret.

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The two have been friends for years, buying and selling antiques together—the fact that Powell built the house sealed the deal.

Wolfe is an intense talker, quick to tell a story, just as he does on his show, jumping from a recording session he was recently thrown into with Emmylou Harris and Ricky Skaggs, to the custom-made screen doors he’s installed throughout the house.

“He’s been dealing in antiques since the 70s and started buying property.

Now he’s one of the area’s most prominent builders,” Wolfe explains.

And some of them, the true super-fans, make a point to hit Leiper’s Fork for a glance of the expert himself—even going so far as to knock on his door, which is one of the reasons why Wolfe went searching for this new house a year ago. Bookcases hide a tiny office off the library; wide staircases open up the center of the house; and four porches, trimmed with branch-like railings, rim the outside.

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