Microsoft update not updating Sex cams 100 free no cc

When I do, it just says that it is preparing for them and then never does anything.

It can go on for hours and just sits there never updating.

I installed this Microsoft update to fix the problem.

However, in the process of fixing the problem I had also unchecked the setting "install updates for other Microsoft products" in the MSU setting, as is shown below in highlighted yellow [unfortunately in German, but the idea should be clear].

Could it be that this is a bug in the MSU update from November 2015? Edit: I found an old thread which discusses that when the link is opened in IE11 with compatibility view then it offers to install MS Update. it seems starnge to me given I just installed an MSU update dating Nov 2015? I found its just more broken Microsoft documentation; Product Information is not available under Office 2013 Professional for me. In my source the key was called Shown Opt In under office version 12. If you don't have any other MS programs installed no updates for these programs are needed.

Last modified 12-Feb-2015 16:38