Mere boobs kameez me ni arahe

I just won’t be so self-conscious any more.” Leanne, 21, who finished in the top 20 at Miss World last year, has wanted a boob job since she was 13 and is delighted with her new-found cleavage.“The feeling when you first wake up is amazing,” said the model, who lives in Newtownabbey with her mum Elaine.“After the surgery, the nurse told me not to move my arms, but I couldn’t stop feeling them.

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"It's not out of the question that someone at some point may have made a mold of some famous woman's breasts and then used it for a glass," she went on, "but I don't think there's anything to indicate that Marie Antoinette herself would have lent her breast for a vessel." Still, if you're going to tell the story about anyone, Marie Antoinette is a pretty good choice.

The Austrian-born aristocrat married Louis XVI as a teenager in 1770 (when the future king was merely a With no formal political role or legislative power in the French government, the young queen took on extracurricular activities to fill her time, some of which indeed involved breasts, perhaps influenced by her avid reading of the works of philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who, among other things, wrote about the benefits of breastfeeding children in his 1762 education treatise .

I love them.”While her chest is still tender and her prescribed painkillers are making her very sleepy, Leanne is in no doubt that the surgery was worth it and is looking forward to returning to work at ACA Models next week.

cae: and Christine witarla walking tall: Leanne can’t wait to get back to modelling SO HAPPY: Leanne, also below, in some of her modelling shoots and (above) her message on Snapchat following breast surgery By Ali Gordon LEANNE Mc Dowell can’t wait to show off her new assets.

“I don’t know how I will feel the first time I put a bikini on, but I’m so excited,” the 2015 Miss Northern Ireland told Sunday Life.

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