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[ 532, -25] They're both celebrities I really like, congratulations ㅋ 3.

[ 25, -0] Really not fond of male celebrities who get into public relationships before enlisting.

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And it is true, because there is not only Russian dating but and meet people from other countries. Our dating site offers you a lot of interesting dialogue."I really liked online dating with web cam, where I met a man who liked me, and then it turned out that he was from my city, so then an opportunity to meet the person in real life, which really was perfect for me.

Because of the fact I think that people spend a lot own time to fill out their profiles in detail or take a compatibility test.

I remember reading about her being paired up wih Jin Akanishi. But, time to time we did learn that she dated a few guys in the past during her career and at her age dating is kind of a normal thing to do.

So that guy since he is a celebrity too is just one of them that we know about it.

Hope it lasts and it wont be a dating scandal followed by a break-up. HAHA and OMG, Bo A is making headlines on allkpop LOL. great move haha We wont have song talking about sad love or "where is my bf" but maybe cheesy lyrics about "u r my favorite golf player and i love to play with ur golf stick..

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