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Superga FW16 collection is now available at Lovers & Friends Hong Kong stores.

Take a first look at the collection which features the classic 2750-Cotu, 2790-Up-and-Down, 2750-Century and the highly anticipated Superga …

If you are seeking dating sims or games, please visit another site.

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While the “hot or not” interface is incredibly superficial, it does wonders for your ego each time a model-worthy guy or girl likes you back — and if they don’t, the great thing is they’ll never know you liked them in the first place.

What you’ll notice about Tinder is that everyone — and I mean everyone — seems to be on here.

People working for the app choose the location for your date, which is great if you don't like making decisions but not so good if you like to control these things.

They also require you to prepay for the first round of drinks, the idea being that it helps ensure everybody shows up.

I don’t think what happened next needs any explanation. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t seem to hit it off in person — he asked if I wanted a nightcap at his place and I politely declined. Conversation flowed and before I knew it, I realised we had been talking for over two hours.

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