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” If you’re lucky, your contact will see this question as an invitation to offer to pass your resume along to HR.Another great question to follow up with is, “Do you have any suggestions on other companies I should be looking into?

For example, if you are looking for an entry-level position, you should be contacting managers; if you’re aiming for a mid-level position, think senior managers and directors.

(In most cases, employees above the vice president level are too high up and probably won’t respond.) You should also look for meetings with people who can give you unbiased career-specific advice, even if they aren’t in a position to hire you or help you meet your immediate goals.

Even if there’s not a job on the line now, the informational interview empowers you to establish yourself as a candidate and a savvy networker who understands the importance of meaningful professional connections.

When a job becomes available, the people you’ve talked to won’t post it publically—they’ll email you.

Good networking is not about using them as a resume mill!

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