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Show me again how to wipe a table, Alex...” And Val didn’t s top there, audibly wondering “Is it really smart to put a guy who looks like serial killer as the host for your restaurant? But sun-soaked chatterer Florida Gal chalked up the Alex hate to the dynamics of Top Chef itself, “Every season has a person who you love to hate.” As the Red Team prepared their food, the judges, namely Padma, got anxious.

The Blue Team decided to draft Kelly as their front-of-house representative; they also decided to call their restaurant Twenty 21.

Yet again, the red team drew the ire of the chatosphere when they decided to call themselves… Bravo Monica quickly typed “Anyone else roll their eyes with the name EVOO?

and if you are too, then you know that Adrienne Maloof isn't just the calmest woman on the show, she also is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist and co-owner of Maloof Companies. So, whether you're having problems with a friend or trying to start your own business, Adrienne will answer your questions when she takes control of our Facebook page tomorrow, Wednesday, November 9 from - p.m.

It's discretely nestled among some of the most breathtaking country in the world.

“LOL I love how Blue has 100% on the poll,” giggled chat vixen Michelle.

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