Lady moviesex

But what’s more, I dream of a day when creepy thirty-five year old men aren’t sitting in their sister’s basement getting off to a girl on girl sex scene in a movie it’s slightly weird they’re watching in the first place.These were some of their top choices:, she was asked by her director if she had anyone in mind to play the role opposite her.

So we all know that sex sells and, at some point in a movie, we will be exposed to a love scene whether the film calls for it or not.

Now, I like to watch a good steamy love scene as much as anybody else does, but really?

For these two, although the scene was, it wasn’t sexual — it was actually something they were quite self-conscious about.

Imagining men getting turned on by two friends just trying to get through an uncomfortable moment of filming, somehow makes it even more gross.

Why the partner is only allowed to see naked flesh if they’re having sex but not any time in between is a ridiculous notion.

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