Is thea miz still dating maryse in 2016

In late 2011, she announced plans for a clothing and jewelry line called House of Maryse, and later began working as a realtor.

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Despite her elimination, she was invited to observe workouts and the training facility at WWE's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), along with Brooke Adams.

When Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) opened in mid-2007, Ouellet was transferred to the new developmental facility, and on September 25, she made her FCW debut as the valet of Ryan O'Reilly along with Lacey Von Erich. , Ouellet, known as simply Maryse, was shown on the Titan Tron welcoming the Montreal viewers in French to the season premiere of Smack Down! Maryse made her first official televised appearance on the May 21, 2007 episode of Raw to present American rapper Timbaland's new music video for the single "Throw It on Me", in which she had appeared. , Smack Down General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced the creation of the WWE Divas Championship, and that same night the Divas competed in a Golden Dreams match to qualify for the championship match at The Great American Bash, which was won by Natalya.

Daniel Bryan would kick off Smackdown Live as it was in his home town of Seattle Washington.

But the celebration was later ruined by the Miz as he and Maryse walked down to the ring, he would later rub it in Daniel’s face that he couldn’t wrestle anymore, and he was still wondering why he was in a WWE Ring.

But that was also ruined by Baron Corbin, who came out and told the Miz that he was tired of hearing him and that he just wanted him to shut up, and then he would challenge him to a match, with Maryse standing in between both of them.

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