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Both companies say they will continue to work on the technology independently.

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What makes this different from the previous version offered by Verizon and Sprint?

Well, this one is GSM based and could see 3G download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbits and upload speeds of nearly 5.76 Mbits.

But a physicist has attempted to tackle the problem by mathematically working out the optimum position for a router.

He studied how walls and reflections affected signal strength and concluded that, as common sense might suggest, there’s just no beating the centre of a house for router location.

S., and in quarter four of 2010 smartphones began to outsell PC platforms worldwide. With the ubiquitousness of Android growing, naturally it and other smartphone platforms will This is my first guest blogging opportunity on and I wanted to discuss what I believe is missing in most of the student/consultants I encounter.

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