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On 25 October, tanks opened fire on a crowd in Parliament Square at point-blank range.

Hundreds died and were wounded, and the Communist Party was so shocked by the incident that it sacked Erno Ger, replacing him with Janos Kadar.

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On average, a two night Budapest break will set you back £390, with a three star hotel room costing just £36 and a quality three course meal for two with a bottle of house white coming to £31.

Twelve red roses and a box of chocolates come to £38 and travel around the city for two totals £8. In fact, according to Skyscanner flight price data, it is cheaper to fly from a UK airport to Budapest and have a date there (£390 for all elements above with flights included) than it would be for people within the UK to travel to London for a romantic rendezvous (£547).

They were driven back by security forces with tear gas and responded by throwing stones at the windows.

One group drove a heavy lorry at the front door in an attempt to break it open.

When the crowds refused to disperse despite police opening fire on them, Mr Ger ordered Soviet tanks onto the streets.

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