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Your email subscribers are likely inundated with emails from businesses with the same goal as you: to get consumers to purchase a product. Create a mysterious email subject line that gets readers to ask questions – questions that can only be answered by clicking the email to learn more. Personalized Email Subject Lines Examples: Why It Works: Personalization works – even if it’s just an “insert name here” email subject line. Testimonials should live on your websites, social media sites and in the body of your emails – but they function as great subject lines too. The ‘Ask a Question’ Email Subject Line Examples: Why It Works: By asking customers a question, you are taking out the ambiguity of your message.

You are literally telling customers what to ask themselves when they see your email. When you make an irresistible offer to customers, opening the email is a no-brainer.

Questions make great email subject lines because they get the reader to think about how the subject matter applies to their own life.

The best questions will resonate with the reader and their past experiences, while arousing a sense of curiosity to learn more about the subject and whether their experiences are similar to others.

I could be making a vast generalization, but to an extent, this doesn’t matter.

Do you struggle to come up with great subject lines for your email campaigns?

The ‘Announcement’ or ‘News-Worthy’ Subject Line Examples: Why It Works: Announcement email subject lines work when your email offers new information, information customers can’t get elsewhere.

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