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So, in a world filled with young, beautiful and available women – single mothers seem to be pushed to the bottom of the barrel, in terms of dating and men.We seem to be stuck with the married ones, or the men no sane women would want, or those we may have to end up supporting – both financially and emotionally.And in Asia, some very rich and very married men actually think of single mothers as perfect “mistress-material”.

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And by all means, please do not ever put her in a position whereby she needs to choose between you and her kids. Because she had spent nine months carrying her child, then delivered that child with considerable pain, and then she continued to spend years nursing that child through every wound, and scar. A valuable word of advice here, please do not ever refer to her kids as “baggage”.

Her kids are individuals she loves and cares about deeply. If you seriously want to date or have a relationship with a single mother, you have to understand how deeply she values her kids.

They have been through enough unpleasant or disappointing experiences with men, So, please do not toy with her. She has a bunch of things going through her mind and they all require her immediate attention, because she has to multi-task, ALWAYS.3) There will be a lot of resistance, ups and downs from the very start. Single mothers are more cautious and guarded with their hearts.

Do not BS her with the routine sweet nothings and cheap talk. They may seem vulnerable and emotional, but they remember what it was like to be “suffocated” in a terrible relationship/marriage, to have their hearts shred to pieces, and they do not EVER want to go through that EVER again.

It all began when my daughter officially became a teenager, and told me “to go get a life and start having fun again”.

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