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Here was someone directly affected by Greer’s beliefs, defending her right to express them.

The fact that the trans rights struggle is the first progressive cause to come of age in the time of Twitter leaves anyone who wants to explore the thorny issue of gender and biological sex, and the meaning of both and the differences between them, in a difficult position.

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I accept completely that transgender people face difficulties in their life that I, with a far less uneasy relationship with my body, struggle to comprehend.

Last week I invited an educational organisation called All About Trans in to talk to the editorial team.

Still, this is normally the point where I start humming “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

In the age where Caitlyn Jenner is set to be crowned ’s Woman of the Year, after living as one for less than 12 months, Greer is wildly out of step with public opinion. She is a controversialist, a provocateur – she has never wanted to be an unsung foot soldier of the feminist movement; she always wanted to be its Camille Desmoulins.

Villians No shortage of controversial owners and chairmen; Cardiff's Vincent Tan may yet end up as one of the more villainous.

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