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It was retrieved from internet oblivion and subtitled for the first time by the always-smart Tokyo FILMe X festival last year, and we’re delighted to bring it to its first audience outside Japan.Ryosuke runs a used car dealership in the sticks, some way outside Tokyo.

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The seemingly flaky Shiori is demanding, rude and disinclined to explain herself.

(It’s only later that we get tsunami-related hints as to why she behaves as she does.) First she takes up residence in one of the used cars, then keeps turning up like a bad penny, complicating Ryosuke’s life in ways he can’t handle.

Once completed, it can be replayed from the beginning or from specific points in the story.

This immersive story frightens and inspires as it delights with geek-culture references galore, but fans of the original may love it a bit less.

(This, also, is true.) I don’t mean that my arm bones broke – I’ve never had a broken bone – but that my arms’ capacity as limbs, their functionality and coherence, suddenly ended.

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