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Enter the password to access the file then click OK. First step is the creation of the certificate request to send to the Certification Authority. Fill the requested fields then click on Create Certificate Request.Enter the password to access the file then click OK.An additional step to help confirm quality of the application is to recommended the customer run the following commands against the source mail file to check for possible database corruption, Load Fixup mail\-f -n Load Compact mail\-c -d -i Load Updall mail\-r Using this step, it was further identified that the following error was witnessed (at the Compact command): "Error compacting mail\mailfile.nsf: Database is currently in use by you or another user " Further review with the customer confirmed that no other users had the mail database open.

Fill requested fields and paste the CA Root certificate then click Merge Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring button.

When the summary Window appears click OK to proceed with merge. Repeat same step if any intermediate CA certificates are used by the Authority.

You should use the Lotus Notes client to perform most tasks in the Server Certificate Admin application, as indicated in the Domino Administrator Help file.

If you wish to use the Lotus Domino Administrator client, you can open the database using File - Open instead of the Files tab.

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