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A real man would have been right there by my side the entire time. And yes I do have someone new in my life right now.So I started my own business, okay but how does that add up to leaving him? However loving who I’m with now, doesn’t mean I never loved Flav, it means God decided I am good enough to truly be loved by someone even after Flav and all the bullshit I had encountered.When a contestant is eliminated, her real name is then revealed, followed by a champagne toast.

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Deelishis, though, is a little more seasononed, so Ross isn’t going to drive her crazy.

She’s going to enjoy the ride until it’s time to get off, with no hard feelings.

After that, she had all of America wondering if she was a a rapper, maybe an athlete, a radio personality, something.

Well, wonder no more, according to a radio interview with Deelishis, his name is Jim Colmer and he’s not a celebrity, just some alleged rich guy.

Nothing personal, but I have her filed away in the ‘bitch please’ side of my brain.

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