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There are some common mistakes that we often do when it comes to dating.Mistakes that we don't even realize and yet we do commit them before we even start dating,which .When one enters your life, you could be forgiven for believing that they are a gift from the gods – and that is exactly what they want you to think.

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The aim of a player is to win your affection, and the marker they use to judge that this is happened is often that the relationship has become sexual – they have made their conquest.

For others, it’ll be when you say you love them or, in extreme cases, agree to marry them.

Here are some of the main warning signs that can help you spot a one of these slippery characters if you are unfortunate enough to date one.

The beginning of a relationship with a player will usually feel like a whirlwind and you may be knocked off your feet by their charm, enthusiasm and interest in your life.

It will be good"To Be A Poor Provider And Lavish Lover" than "To Be A Lavish Provider And Poor Lover.

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