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Dating oak coffers

The king and the court were even forced to flee Lisbon for a while.

The site of São Roque, outside the city walls (now an area known as the Bairro Alto), became a cemetery for plague victims.

Francis Xavier, of the Holy Family, and of the chancel); early Baroque (Chapel of the Holy Sacrament); later Baroque (Chapels of Our Lady of the Doctrine and of Our Lady of Piety); and Roman Baroque of the 1740s (Chapel of St. 19th-century renovations include the construction of the choir gallery over the main door where the pipe organ was installed; the remodeling of the screen of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and the erection of the gilded iron railings; and the replacement of the entrance doors.

Various parts of the church (e.g., the walls under the choir gallery and in the transept) are decorated with “diamond-point” tiles from the Triana district of Seville and dated by tradition to 1596.

The Igreja de São Roque was one of the few buildings in Lisbon to survive the earthquake relatively unscathed.

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