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But she quickly learned she wasn't the only woman hot on his trail.“I went to and I typed in the name Devon Glaze and that is where everything just stood in front of me,” she said.

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But she is telling her story for just one reason.“I would hate for a woman to become engaged to this guy or have a baby with this guy because I believe he has multiple kids across the U. “I believe he is also married to at least five or six women right now with different names and he is telling them all these different stories of him traveling the world for work, for family and it is not the case.

He is conning you.”Because of this case, this man is now facing several open warrants for his arrest in Montgomery County.

The Montgomery County woman met him on a dating website.

Two months into their relationship, the pair had a planned trip to Costa Rica to celebrate her birthday.

There were text messages with his supposed assistant showing plans to travel there on her new boyfriend's private jet.

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